Инна Воловичева позирует в нижнем белье The former participant “Houses-2” demonstrates all the charm of the figure fans. Inna Volovicheva finds nothing wrong with undressing in front of camera. After the phenomenal weight loss celebrity not shy about his body.

      Inna Volovicheva for many is an example of how to make your body perfect. Sports in combination with a diet closer to the former participant of the teleproject “the House-2” the shape of dreams. Now Inna is not shy to pose in a swimsuit in front of the camera and publish the pictures in front of thousands of followers in the social network. Recently Volovicheva put the underwear, as a precaution in advance apologizing to the enemies.

      “So a married 35-year-old woman (still a child) is photographed for his instagram in a bra… by the Way, takes the husband. Well, why not? In 60 years it will be too late. Can me to criticize, nothing to worry about. It’s a feeling. Now look into my eyes!” – Volovicheva ironically wrote in his microblog.

      But fans only supported the woman. They rightly noted that the lingerie looks did not matter, but rather, once again emphasizes the dignity of the figure of the former contestants of the reality show. If you need to in 35 years looked like! Let them criticize, Inna, you is super!”, “Inna, such a lovely woman like you, any beautiful lingerie. You look lovely!”, “Pretty! The main thing is not matter, everything is stylish and smart! Thank you for these photos!” – wrote loyal fans in the comments of the post.

      Despite the fact that the parameters of the ina do not correspond to the generally accepted standard, it did not suffer from this. She leads a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and therefore found his or her own standard. The woman did not aspire to excessive thinness. Not so long ago Volovicheva revealed the truth about their options.

      “The favorite question which you every day to ask in the comments. I have this question a hundred times a day, so decided even a separate post to do. What’s my weight? I have several years of steadily weigh 79 kgs at growth of 180 centimeters. Parameters: bust – 105, waist – 78, hips – 105. I was happy with everything,” wrote Inna.

      Fans consider it almost a miracle that the former participant “Houses-2” has managed to maintain a wasp waist combined with lush Breasts and hips. Inna Volovicheva boasts of appetizing forms at the beach

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