Инна Воловичева хвастается аппетитными формами на пляже The former participant “Houses-2” showed fans a perfect body. Inna Volovicheva was photographed on the beach. Fans came to the indescribable delight of her toned figure and gave the woman numerous compliments.

      Инна Воловичева хвастается аппетитными формами на пляже

      Many fans of the reality show “Dom-2”, still admire the tenacity of the former participants of the project Inna Volovicheva. For a short time she was able to lose 40 extra pounds. Now ex-member of telestroke not hiding your body under loose clothes and demonstrates her figure.

      “By popular demand – a photo in a swimsuit in full view. Now all urgently need to take up a magnifying glass to make it easier to look for flaws in the figure. And if you don’t, you can always write what is photoshop. So it’s nice, isn’t it?” – was not kept from causticities to the enemy Volovicheva, signing the, published in the microblog.

      Fans were pleasantly surprised by the great forms of the former participant “Houses-2”. They were in awe of the feminine figure Inna. Fans noted that Volovicheva were lucky to keep after weight loss breast combined with a wasp waist.

      “Wow! Wow! Everyone should be envious of your wife, and your daughter will be proud of you! For three years you are my idol and motivation! Well, “Dom-2″ something to hide, watched the time you were a member, I am delighted! You’re a big lad, so much willpower and patience! Has achieved remarkable results. The most important thing is the desire and perseverance! And here the figure of your dreams! You have a wonderful family bless you and them”, “Inna, a stunning figure! Most importantly – feminine, such curves! It’s a start in the extreme, become awkward teenagers. And then – well, just super!” – not stingy with compliments to numerous members of ex-member “House-2”.

      For slim figure Volovicheva have to follow a strict diet and spending time in the gym. Sometimes Inna lets go and allows you to enjoy some “forbidden” treats for yourself. Not long ago a former member of the show confessed that he had indulged himself with doughnuts. She was unable to resist the sight and aroma of freshly baked muffin, and the husband was happy to feed Volovicheva sweet. After such liberties Inna decided to be honest to his fans and honestly said that was off his diet. However, the deviation from the norm of power-the former participant “Houses-2” usually makes up for the extra workout in the gym. Inna Volovicheva was off his diet

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