Inna Volovicheva admitted that begged spouse

Инна Воловичева призналась, что вымолила супруга The star of “House-2” revealed the details of family life. Inna Volovicheva published in Instagram post, which talked about your lover. She is confident that her betrothed sent by God.

Ex-member of popular telestroke Inna Volovicheva always willing to share with followers photos and videos that captured in the company of the wife of John and daughter Mary. A woman never tires of repeating that it is the most close and dear to her people. So, the brunette posted a microblogging latest together with the chosen picture. In the signature for publication, the beauty admitted that she considers a beloved gift from the heavens.

“I prayed to God that he gave me a good husband. And the Lord gave it to me. But my husband never prayed. And he got what he got. And nothing is now to be teased and language show!” – jokingly wrote ina.

Fans appreciated the humor pet. They decided not to control his emotions and has started to comment on the record stars. Users of the social network agreed that the man and woman depicted, definitely love each other. Some followers even found their external similarity.

“You are very funny! I love you!”, “Great shot! And signature! So I will now your talking when you mess up!”, “What you are the same! I’m in shock that marriage does to people! It’s wonderful”, “Amused us!” “Inna, what are you, your spouse got the perfect wife!” – written by members of celebrity.

Recall that the lovers are raising three-year-old heiress. The pair is trying to give the little girl all the best and the most invested in its development. For example, the young mother is now seeking to raise a girl a real lady. She is confident that the future for women is very important to feel the inner harmony, to choose a worthy companion. The former participant of the reality show, she takes daughter’s great example.

By the way, Inna believes that inner beauty must be combined with external attractiveness. Now the brunette spends a lot of time and effort on self-development. In addition, she finds time to care for the figure, face and hair. She often puts pictures of the sports hall, where the woman is engaged with a personal trainer. Also Volovicheva not conceded a salon and trips to the beauty Studio.