Inna Malikova was attacked

Инна Маликова подверглась нападению
The singer commented on the hacker attack.

Inna Malikova

Photo: @Instagram innamalikova_ Inna Malikova

Inna Malikova became the latest victim of attacks of cyber criminals. The singer had compromised the personal page in social networks. Fraudsters have deleted over 700 photos of the performer. For the return of the microblog in the property, the hackers asked for a considerable sum. Some days the artist did not have access to your account, but later she was able to return it.

Most Innu upset by the fact that many of the images have been removed. Of course, most of them were backed up in the cloud. But Malikova incident still became a big hit.

“I feel sorry for my pictures that were here and that barbaric way ruthlessly removed. Under each photo was Your kindness and Your concern… No wonder I keep telling You and myself that nothing in this life happens for a reason… That this situation is breaking my page. Suddenly, out of the blue… Actually minus 700 photos and a new name, and so live on! Although it may be able to restore all this… Thank you all so much for support these days. My crew — You got the best!” — said ina.

By the way, at different times attacked by hackers have been many stars of domestic show-business. The most scandalous attack was made in the spring of this year, when in a Network pages popular artists began to appear, Nude photos of Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov. Later, the heroes of the controversial shooting assured that the footage was not authentic.