Инна Маликова поразила подтянутой фигурой в бикини 39-year-old singer is resting on the Mediterranean coast. Holiday Inna Malikov tries not to forget about sports. The woman showed the followers of his microblog, she is engaged in fitness in the swimsuit, using as trainers stone ledges.

      Инна Маликова поразила подтянутой фигурой в бикини

      Soloist ensemble “New Samotsvety” Inna Malikov spends summer vacation abroad. Recently, the star was vacationing on the island of Corfu, and recently arrived on the Cote d’azur, where in the Provence region. Malikov enjoy the nature of the province and puts in Instagram pictures of the beauty of France. Special attention of fans was attracted by Inna’s videos in which she shows slender figure.

      “Sport can be practiced even in a swimsuit, even on the beach. The most important thing is desire. Now I will show you three exercises that I try to do every day”, signed movie Malikov.

      In the video, the woman shakes her press, pressed and perform exercises to strengthen the muscles of the triceps. Short lesson with the participation of the singer provoked a strong reaction from the fans of the stars. “That’s what efforts given such a perfect figure”, “You’re a good sport, in good shape,” “Innusik, you’re in fantastic shape,” wrote a follower.

      Video posted by Inna Malikova (@innamalikova) Jul 13 2016 1:44 PDT

      However, there were those who saw in figure Malikova some sagging. The star does not bother the criticism from users of the social network.

      “I did not mean to surprise and amaze your body, after all I am not a fitness instructor, but a living person, who loves to play sports for fun, to enjoy life to the fullest, and most importantly, loves to eat tasty (and whose son cook please note). I’m happy with my figure, and, in General, let us learn to live without stereotypes!”, – Malikov wrote under my photo from the trip. The picture shows the star posing in a red bikini near the monument to the woman whose shape is far from ideal.

      By the way, Inna is really difficult to resist the temptation of food, because her son Dmitry is a great cook. A young man holds cooking classes. In the future, the nephew of the famous singer plans to continue to learn the profession of chef. Malikov has noted that she was lucky to inherit. Dima boy versatile, enjoys a little bit of everything: from childhood sports, tucks into a foreign language, now enjoys music. He likes experimenting with arrangements, the piano plays well“, – told the singer. Inna Malikova: “Dima good genes”

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