Inna Malikova has shown a figure in a swimsuit

Инна Маликова показала фигуру в купальнике
Many domestic stars decided to the may holidays to relax.

Инна Маликова показала фигуру в купальнике

Singer Inna Malikova went on vacation in Dubai.

The company the actress made her close friend.

Инна Маликова показала фигуру в купальнике

“The most important advantage of the chosen countries for vacation is the warm Persian Gulf, because in Europe, Turkey, Greece, the water in the sea is still cold. And in Dubai the water temperature is about 30 degrees. The hotel has chosen a favorite already place for themselves, new and modern. The day started with the obligatory walking on the sea – a kind of charging. In the morning relax on the beach, massages, and in the evening a cosy get-togethers in restaurants. This vacation left a lot of positive impressions. But in Moscow, waiting for work, so a few days passed fleetingly,” – said Inna.

Singer usefully spent time sightseeing.

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