Инна Маликова поделилась секретом бюджетного похудения Sister of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov told us how to find harmony for free. It turns out that Inna Malikova does not pay for expensive procedures, and it is not even necessary to go to the gym.

      Recently Inna Malikova became a fitness blogger. The singer did not just go to a perfect body and shares his successes and achievements with fans and friends. The sister of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov actively publishes on his page on Instagram tips on losing weight and exercise videos that will help those who wish to lose extra pounds.

      Inna’s main secret is that for weight loss it does not use expensive technology and not even pays an annual card to the gym. Malikov came to the conclusion that sports do not need to spend money. She does functional training.

      “What does that mean? This means that powerful simulators have faded into the background, and I began to train with their own weight. If that seems easy, believe me, it’s not… so pull-UPS, push-UPS, sit-UPS of different types without the weight, all kinds of attacks… But! A large number of repetitions,” says Inna.

      It is noteworthy that every two weeks Malikov still picks up a rod to do one power exercise for pumping the muscles. But still, the daily exercise she spends at home or even on the Playground, using any means available.

      “Most, of course, juicy is to do on the street. My trainer and find any more or less the right place (it usually playgrounds), and the course is everything we turn up. Baby lugi, benches, little crossbars and so on. This is an advantage of such training is that by and large, you do not need anything but the right attitude, comfortable clothing and good sneakers. And, of course, a great desire to be in good shape. So all the excuses about the fact that near the house there is a good gym, no longer accepted, ” says the star. – Put on gear and go to the nearest Park.

      Slim Inna Malikova became a fitness blogger

      It is interesting that she not only tells, but shows how to gain a slim figure. Her videos are gaining a lot of views and fans not get tired of thanking your pet for motivation, commitment to excellence and will power.