Inna Makarova began to see the dead

Инна Макарова стала видеть умерших Famous artist sometimes stays in the boundary condition. Daughter of Inna Makarova Natalya Bondarchuk is trying not to disappoint my mom. It supports the parent, who is now 90 years old.

      Инна Макарова стала видеть умерших

      The film “the Women” was really popular. The film tells about the fate of three ordinary women who dream to find happiness. The host of the program “Secrets of our cinema” Ivan Usachev told in the program that began with artists who played a main role, – Inna Makarova, Nina sazonovoj and Galina Jackiey.

      One of the brightest Actresses of the Soviet cinema Inna Makarova is now 90 years old. She had two marriage with the famous film Director Sergei Bondarchuk, and then she married Professor Michael Perelman. Now the actress growing up grandchildren. Despite the fact that the health of elderly women are all right, the relatives notice some age-related changes.

      “Unfortunately, leaving her memory, just out – frankly admitted the daughter of ina Natalia Bondarchuk. – Begins to see all the people who had already left. My dad, grandmother. I don’t disappoint her in this.”

      Ivan Usachev remembered the tragedy that occurred in the early 2000s, with actress Nina Sazonova. The case, which occurred in 2002, stirred up the whole community. The actress raised one son Michael, but the man abused alcohol. My mother loved the heir, and therefore gave him all his savings and tried to earn as much as possible, to cover him. However, due to the addiction Michael allowed himself to raise his hand to his mother. Neighbors noticed that the man systematically beat the woman. After the actress’s son thought his mother died, he committed suicide. However, she miraculously survived. Sazonov lost his ability to move, and the blood vessels of the brain were damaged. After two years of her life, she died.

      Инна Макарова стала видеть умерших

      Galina Yatskin starred in the film “the Women” when I was in the third year. The Director invited her to play herself – a girl who came from the provinces to the big city. Yatskin was filmed at night – during the day she studied at the Institute, and its partner on the set worked in the theater. However, this heavy mode could not affect her health.

      “The group for a month had to go to work at night, – says Galina. – Once during a lecture I became ill. I came out of the office – and I don’t remember. Closed the door and fainted”.
      Инна Макарова стала видеть умерших

      However, such sacrifices were not in vain – the next day after the film’s release Yatskin woke up famous.