Инну Чурикову доставили в больницу с переломом The actress fell on the street. Churikova plays in one of the performances of the manuscript. Star slipped in the night on Thursday. A woman with a hand injury was taken to a medical facility. The theater management decides on the replacement of Inna Mikhailovna in the next productions.

      Инну Чурикову доставили в больницу с переломом

      Thursday in Lenkom was to be held the play “Aquitaine lioness”, in which Inna Churikova plays the role Alienor of Aquitaine. However, the representation was changed to “Juno and Avos” in connection with the illness of the actress. According to the representative of the theater, the star fell and broke his arm.

      Director Lenkom mark Varshaver has informed that Churikova was given the necessary medical assistance. Inna Mikhailovna had to go to the hospital the doctors conducted all necessary procedures for the imposition of gypsum. On Monday the doctors will decide whether a star to go on stage, to play a role in “Aquitaine lioness” December 28.

      On the website of the manuscript reported that spectators who purchased tickets for a setting with Inna Mikhailovna will be able to watch another show. “Juno and Avos”, staged by Mark Zakharov will not disappoint the discerning theatre lovers.

      For several months, “Aquitaine lioness” has caused a lot of positive comments on social networks. “Everything was perfect – the acting, dramaturgy, costumes and music. Just lovely sight,” ” I am so impressed. The best performance I have seen”, “Churikova – just unreal,” “About, I want to tell you that not only is she gorgeous plays, but also a terrific dancer. In General, full fire,” wrote people.

      Recall that four years ago Churikova already broke both arms. Then the actress fell almost on the threshold of the theater. Perhaps now the injury of the star, will heal much longer. In 2012, doctors diagnosed her with fractures of the radial bones.

      Recall that Inna Churikova was born on 5 October 1943, in Belebey in Bashkortostan. In the Moscow state theatre “Lenkom” it works since 1975. Sovetskii, Russian audiences still quote the words of her heroines of the films “Munchhausen” (1979) by Mark Zakharov, “Military-the field novel” (1983) by Pyotr Todorovsky, “the Courier” (1987) Karen Shakhnazarov, “Shirley myrli” (1995) by Vladimir Menshov.