Инна Чурикова попала в больницу
People’s artist broke his arm.

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Inna Churikova was hospitalized in the night of 22
Dec. Mark Varshaver, Director of the Moscow theatre “Lenkom” where is the people’s artist of the USSR, reported
she slipped near the entrance to the building, fell and broke both
hands. Doctors later confirmed that the actress was hospitalized with a fracture.
To the hospital Inna Mikhailovna took her husband Gleb Panfilov.

According to him, had to cancel today’s
the play “Aquitaine lioness”: Churikova plays a major role in it. In the theater
announced that the next performance with participation of the artist is scheduled for 28
Dec. As hope in the theatre, by this time, Churikova will be healthy and will be able
to go on stage.