Inna Churikova again broke both his arms

Инна Чурикова опять сломала обе руки

On the night of December 22, people’s artist of USSR Inna Churikova was delivered in one of capital clinics. The reason for the hospitalization of the actress was a injury she received as a result of a bad fall.

It is reported that Churikova and broke both her arms.Inna got out of the car, — said the Deputy Director of the Lenkom Sergei Voltaire, and headed to the lobby. But just before the entrance to the building she fell and broke both hands.”

Note that the 73-year-old actress getting such injuries is not the first time. In 2012 Churikova also broken hands. Then Inna tripped over mats in the theater on Malaya Dmitrovka, are unable to stay on his feet and fell on his hands. Medics examined the injured hand, diagnosed renowned patient fractures of the radial bones.