Injection of beauty Ksenia Borodina visible to the naked eye

Инъекции "красоты" Ксении Бородиной видны невооруженным взглядом
Fans discuss the traces of injections on the lips of Ksenia Borodina, who without makeup, very striking

Инъекции "красоты" Ксении Бородиной видны невооруженным взглядом

The fact that She, for obvious reasons, on vacation, refused makeup and pleasing natural appearance. Only together with this followers noticed and synchronous points on lush lips Borodina.

“Most likely left over from the injection”
“Exactly so, apparently Xenia sponge and so good, just makes a little lusher”
“Looks like herpes, if not two sides was – just would have thought that sore”
“Usually lipstick too, that’s not visible”

– thinking in the comments.

Fortunately, Xenia injections “the stick does not bend” and does not lie under the surgeon’s knife, so that her desire to be more spectacular than can be assigned the status “light”.

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