Infidelity, alcoholism, loss of loved ones: the trials of life Alexander Polovtsev

Измены, алкоголизм, потеря близких: жизненные испытания Александра Половцева The actor was the guest of the program “the Secret to million”. The star of “Streets of broken lights” said about relationships with ex-wives, and told about the family tragedy. A year ago the man’s father died, and he still blames himself for what happened.
Измены, алкоголизм, потеря близких: жизненные испытания Александра Половцева

Actor Alexander Polovtsev rarely shares details of his personal life. However, when dealing with Leroy Kudryavtseva in the program “the Secret to a million,” the man decided to tell not only about the problems with ex-wives, but also on the recent death of his father. Not holding back tears, the movie star remembered what were the last days of his parent.

“The day before everything happened, I was in their house. I really thought my dad something. Then I went to the shooting in Moscow. He became ill, but they hesitate to call skoruyu. The fact that this dad drank a little wine, afraid that he smells of alcohol. When he was finally brought to the hospital, I came to visit him. It was suddenly old, haggard man. After discharge from the hospital he deteriorated in character, he sometimes behaved strangely. Still don’t know how mom coped with everything,” recalled Polovtsian.

Alexander still blames himself for not have time to tell my father a word of thanks, not able to Express her feelings. The attitude of parents has always been for the actor as an example, because they lived together for several decades.

The actor himself has been married three times. His first wife Galina came to the Studio of “the Secret to a million” stating that he does not want to see former lover. This attitude surprised polovtseva.

“Yeah, we broke up not the best way. I cheated on Gale, while still married he met his second wife Julia. Just at some point we lost interest to each other. I never asked for forgiveness, but want to do it now. I apologize for all the pain,” said Alexander in the show.

In marriage with Julia Sobolevskaya man lived for more than twenty years. Their Union was considered one of the strongest in the domestic show-Biznesa, but in 2009 the couple divorced. Alexander himself notes that they have just vanished love, so continue to live together was pointless.

Long before the breakup, in 1991, Julia Sobolevskaya gave birth to the famous actor of the firstborn. Son Stephen decided to follow in his parents ‘ footsteps, is now a young man plays in film and theater. Recently, the heir polovtseva married, but father to the wedding was not invited.

“The son told us not to come to the Registrar’s office. Said that there will be a youth. I gave them money for the rings and blessed. Then out of respect for the families, they gave the usual wedding in the restaurant. There I was already present”, – shared memories of the actor.

In the life of the famous artist there were times that it would be hard to remember. So, the man said that at the peak of popularity he suffered from alcohol dependence. Polovtsian couldn’t control his own body, and so repeatedly went to the hospital, tried to get rid of the addiction. Alexander now strictly monitors the number of drunk and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The man was positively affected by a new relationship. At the moment, Alexander Polovtsev happy in a third marriage. With a young wife Asanoi he began to live in 2009. The man admitted that literally burned with feelings and could not hold back emotions.

“We have a big age difference, but I couldn’t resist the feelings. Shortly before Asuna got pregnant, we almost broke up. I was just afraid to bring relations to a new level, didn’t ready for another marriage,” said the actor.

Now the couple are raising two children. Only in the program “the Secret to a million” Alexander admitted that recently his wife gave birth to his daughter. According to the man, he just didn’t want to advertise such a joyful and emotional event.