Indoor Vyacheslav Malafeev found underground casino

В помещении Вячеслава Малафеева нашли подпольное казино The police are looking for tenants of a famous football player. As it turned out, the area belonging to Vyacheslav Malafeevu used for other purposes. The man is already aware of the incident and testified to the investigation Committee.

In the Northern capital ended the RAID on the gaming halls. In one of these – on the Petrograd side – was discovered in a casino. In the process of the proceedings the investigative Committee found out that the area belongs to the famous athlete, a former goalkeeper of Petersburg “Zenith” Vyacheslav Malafeevu. According to rumors, the celebrity immediately arrived on the scene and gave testimony. He said that the handed over square metres and has nothing to do with clandestine roulette and slot machines. The police invited the star to provide a contract for the rental of office space.

In building Cabinet street, house of nine, letter A was discovered three croupiers, two guards and five players. In addition, the arcade was confiscated 24 of the machine, five poker tables and one roulette. The cash register had a million rubles.

Apparently, now the man will take part in clarifying the circumstances of the case. By the way, Vyacheslav and myself well versed in the laws – last year, after the professional career of a football player, he was going to get an education in law. Bruno believed that additional knowledge will help him in everyday life and in private business.

Last years honored master of sports of Russia actively engaged in the development of real estate, “M16”, whose owner he is. That is why Vyacheslav is not difficult to understand the dubious history with the underground casino, which launched the tenants on his property. In addition, the company men is not just providing assistance in legal matters to their clients. For example, in 2015, representatives Malafeev brilliantly represented the interests of former colleagues of footballer Andrei Arshavin. Then the court considered the case against the “savings Bank”.

Recall that the business of Vyacheslav has been functioning since 2013 and successfully works not only in St. Petersburg but also in other regions and abroad. Fame and the right approach to business has helped the real estate Agency to acquire loyal customers and a high rating in the market competition. But despite this, illegal activities and underground casinos still will have to answer. According to “Fontanka”, now Vyacheslav will be required to provide the investigating Committee with the documents confirming delivery of premises in rent.