Indonesian singer Irma bewl water died at the scene after being bitten by a king Cobra

Индонезийская певица Ирма Бьюл скончалась на сцене после укуса королевской кобры

The tragedy ended the statement by 29-year-old Indonesian singer Irma Baiul, whose performances have always been bright and was accompanied by a snake show. During the last in all respects, the concert singer was bitten by a king Cobra, and this was the cause of death of girls.

During your exotic speech, she accidentally stepped on the tail of presmykayushchikhsya, and ASP Baiul was bitten in the thigh. The singer didn’t wish to interrupt the show, and this was her fatal mistake. Another 45 minutes she sang, then dropped dead.

Video of moment of death captured Irma shocked the audience. They put it in the net.

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