Индийский астролог требует заретить «Битву экстрасенсов»

Indian astrologer punit, Nahati addressed in Zamoskvoretsky court of capital with the requirement to close the popular television show “Battle of psychics“, where people with powers compete for the victory. But the alien is not fool – he confidently declares that all the episodes of the program based on script, so that the viewers screen cheat. Punita believes that promoting and advertising pseudo-psychics TV deceives his viewers and encourages them to fraudsters, not in possession of any abilities.

“The uninformed viewer has no idea that the show is staged, with actors and extras. He may believe that it is true and then refer to pseudoestrogens, lielatalka and become a victim of fraud” — explained to his claim Indian. As proof, he cited many examples of how project participants earned after the completion of the show.
“Such programmes should be banned on moral grounds” — says the lawsuit. The astrologer could apply to the court for the second time. In the first he was denied because of the Bengal gram could be sue to an uncertain circle of persons. Now it’s got a solid rear in the form of the organization for the protection of the rights of consumers “Development”. With indifferent foreigner, they filed a lawsuit. The hearing is set for September 5.

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