Independent Studio Tryangle film about the flounce-de-mort

Независимая студия Tryangle снимает фильм о Волан-де-Морте

Independent Studio Tryangle, consisting of fans of Harry Potter, a film about the flounce-de-mort, the main villain of novels by JK Rowling. The first teaser of the upcoming tape is already in the Network.

In the movie it will be about the life of magician before he turned into the main villain and was just Tom Redlon. He is a graduate of Hogwarts, and in front of him a huge number of atrocities. For example, the killing of witches Hepziba Smith, from which it took him a bowl of Penelope Puffenduya to create Horcruxes. Crimes investigated by the heir of Gryffindor Gregory Maclagen. As already known from the books by J. K. Rowling, she was unable to stop the Volan de mort.
The project, financed by the world through Kickstarter and even now people continue to donate money for this good cause. It is noteworthy that owns the rights to Harry Potter Warner Bros. don’t mind and even gave official approval. Made Tryangle and praise of Joanne Rowling on Twitter.
This autumn on the official project channel on YouTube will premiere the tape. It is not excluded that in case of success of the film we see other alternate versions of the history of the world of Harry Potter.