Incredibly new hair rejuvenated Sofia Rotaru for 10 years

Невероятно: новая прическа омолодила Софию Ротару на 10 лет
The singer decided to change the image.

Sofia Rotaru


Sofia Rotaru decided on a bold experiment with a new hairstyle. 69-year-old actress for the first time in many years the image has changed. Long straight hair has long been a “calling card” of Sofia. However, in a recent speech at the site in the “Crocus city Hall” rotary has proven that she feels the Queen of a scene with absolutely any hair style.

The fans were pleasantly surprised at how new singer bangs changed appearance Rotaru. Singer due to her much changed, and younger by ten years. “Young beauty! Super!”, “Just a different haircut and looks unrecognizable”, “Adore and worship! Elegant, beautiful and always exquisite artist!”, “Come on! Wouldn’t know… the little “boteksnoe” the stars of show business should follow her example!” commented fans.

After the speech Rotaru in the Network there were collages of pictures, which fans compare how things have changed from the young singer. Fans came to an amazing conclusion. Now in its 69 years, the singer looks no worse and maybe even better than in 20 years.