Невероятно: 101-летний Кирк Дуглас продолжает тренироваться в спортзале!
The legendary Spartacus is not going to give up years.

Kirk Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ann Buydens, Michael Douglas

73-year-old Michael Douglas does not get tired to admire his father, kirk Douglas,
best known for the role of the leader of the slave revolt of gladiators in
Ancient Rome — Spartacus. Kirk celebrated — as much —101 day
birth, but he retained the zest for life and good physical shape.

“My father seems to have learned how to resist time. He mastered the Internet and exploits the program Face Time that allows him
liaise with whomever he wants. He constantly asks me when
I travel to some new place, to show him the video — how it all
looks. Father still interesting. And yet he imagine he is engaged in
with a fitness trainer, and does it every day!” — said Michael Douglas.

“How fortunate for me that even though I am already 73 years old, my father is still alive. Not
just alive, he still has a lively mind and sense of humor, loves
to tell amazing stories from his life!” said Michael, when celebrating the 100th anniversary of his father. By the way, on his personal holiday kirk
casual teased for a long time not young boys. “I have three sons and I could not decide who
trust the right to our holiday. Decided to choose Michael, at least because
him more money!” said the birthday boy. Recall that children Kirk, celebrity
was not only Michael: the other two sons of Douglas-senior — Joel and Peter have been successfully working as producers in
Hollywood. And at the end of the celebration, the birthday boy famously drank a glass of vodka.
His personal doctor decided that he would allow this Douglas Sr.