“Incredible!” 59-year-old Melanie Griffith has impressed fans with her figure

«Невероятно!» 59-летняя Мелани Гриффит впечатлила фанатов своей фигурой
The actress is not going to stop there.

Melanie Griffith

Photo: @melanie_griffith57 Instagram Melanie Griffith

Recently Melanie Griffith, which in August this year will celebrate its
60th birthday, posted his new photos. And this is the produced
a strong impression on fans of the actress. It Melanie captured a sports
“bra” and leggings, which allowed good
to see her figure, including, absolutely flat belly and slim hips. “I
much remains to be done, I want to work further on my abs!” —
wrote under a photo of Melanie.

Many fans of the actress responded with compliments. “I’m the same
age as Melanie, but even I wouldn’t dream of such a figure!” — complained
one of the fans. “Yes, she can beat up girls half her age…” — admired
other. And another Griffith fan, said: “I’m proud of you, sister! You
inspire others to work on my figure!”

As the actress confessed that she really works hard on ourselves, and this applies
not only to her body. As told to Melanie, some time ago, she realized
what numerous plastic surgeries, which she criticized for
the last 20 years, brought her no benefit and harm. It
doing regular Botox injections, fillers and all that is possible. Then
resorted to laser medicine, then increased the lips…

As said the actress, who two years ago divorced Antonio
By Banderas, to whom she lived 18 years, she realized that his
effort does no better, and worse and worse. “The most offensive in this
story is that I didn’t realize how really began to look at the result
years procedures. And I realized that it’s time to stop only when all started
to write: “God, what did she do to your face?” I was very much wounded and
decided to change doctors. The current specialist has developed for me a plan to reduce
the damage. However, it will take time. But now I’m like
I think I look much better, that is natural… ” he told Griffith.