Неподобающее поведение: Михаил Ефремов шокировал публику во время выступления
The actor commented on the scandalous incident.

Mikhail Efremov


It is reported that on the eve of Mikhail Efremov disrupted the speech in Samara. The actor has not appeared for the show “don’t be a stranger”, held at the theater of Opera and ballet. 30 minutes late, he went out to the audience. Eyewitnesses claim Efremov took to the stage in a state of alcoholic intoxication: confusion and the text said vaguely. The comments of the audience reacted aggressively. It is reported that he swore at the audience.

About the behavior of Ephraim recounted Alla Korovkina, working in the Samara academic drama theatre. Gorky. “Detained for 35 minutes. Apologized. Was waiting for the artist Ephraim.Then he totally screwed came on the scene, confused the text at the request of the audience to speak up, as nothing is heard happily sent Mat Samara spectators and the entire city of Samara, and the whole show back to that message.The people who paid 4000 to 7000 rubles, was a little discouraged, but in the audience were Minister of culture, not morgovsky eye, so angry was uncomfortable – he liked it, apparently.The brave went in droves, patient, and curious waiting for the final. The finale happened at the empty room. Sorry, fellow artists, your bow does not have the courage to stay,” said the artist after the performance.

Efremov has commented on the incident in Samara. He says that sales were inflated scandal out of the blue, and he behaved as was expected according to the scenario. “This Pinter (the play of Harold Pinter — approx. ed.), black English Comedy. Been a bit caught up, that’s all. More precisely, even one woman not understand that it is all written”, — quotes Efremova “MK”.