В Евгения Цыганова влюбилась ученица
The actor went to Kamchatka, in order not to embarrass pupils.

Yevgeny Tsyganov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Yevgeny Tsyganov, long reputed to be a smoothie, added to your list of amorous
victories. The actor fell in love with his student. To share the feelings of ward Eugene
could — and permanently moved to Kamchatka (from sin).

This time the love story didn’t happen in real life, but in the new series “Crisis tender age” on channel TNT, where Eugene played a veterinarian and a teacher one of the main characters.

“The crisis is of tender years” is a story about three 18-year-old girlfriends: Shura Ermakov, Ana Silkini and Julia Kuzmina.
They are played by novice actress. However, stars in the TV series too much. In addition to Yevgeny Tsyganov involved Maksim Vitorgan, Alexander Child, Theodore
Lavrov and Alice Grebenshchikova, which became the movie the parents of the main characters.

“We just fell in love with Vitorgan — shared with 7days.ru Director
film Natalia Merkulova. — He did a great job on the image of the father Ani Silkini. It was very
pleasure to work with. It is very different from the Vitorgan, which we usually
see in comedies — “radio Day” and so on”.

“Channel TNT always provides the roles that are interesting to me,” says Alice Grebenshchikova. — I finally
play a character my age: my character is 36 years old and I at the time
the filming was the same. It is very very important to me, because I still often offer to play a young

In the series also appear rapper Kravtsov, a group of “Technology”, the group “Murakami”, whose music used in the soundtrack of “Crisis
tender age”, the actor “Teacher” Artem Lewelin, Andrey Prytkov, known for
the film “the Geographer globe drunk”, and other stars.

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