На месте Тома Каулитца мог быть Дрейк?

Recently the famous supermodel Heidi Klum has clearly let everyone know that the big age difference with her lover Tom Kaulitz it is absolutely not care, and in relations the main thing — love. Proof of this was the recent story which happened to the model. It turns out that in place of the Volume claimed is not less than zawisty groom — Drake! You know Heidi told Ellen DeGeneres.

На месте Тома Каулитца мог быть Дрейк?

Before Klum started Dating Kaulitz Drake through a friend found out the model number. “It was literally a week late, because I already started Dating then. I didn’t give him my number, but our mutual friend decided to do it for me. And then Drake wrote me a message, but I didn’t answer, because he has already found the love of my life.” Ellen said, “Wait, so he wrote the first, but you didn’t even answer anything?”.

How ugly Heidi did… “No, what was I supposed to do? To write something like: “Drake, I’m sorry I didn’t answer, you’re cool and I still love your music, will definitely come to your concert”? To be honest, I was never good in such cases. Never felt how to behave in correspondence with guys, so I decided just not to answer,” says Heidi.

We will remind, Roman top models Heidi Klum and guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel Tom Kaulitz has caused a lot of questions about the public. The fact that Heidi is 45 years old, and her lover — 28! 17 year difference did not bother the couple, but the constant questions and statements in the direction of age of Heidi forced the model to speak.

“My boyfriend is much younger than me, and in many people this causes confusion, they are constantly asking me questions. Perhaps, the first time I started to poke in the face with my age, so I want to give an answer. Actually, I don’t pay attention to that. Each of us should try to live this life happily and do not look for the opinions of others. The extra excitement will only increase the number of wrinkles on your face.”

Heidi looks great and could not afford to pay attention to age. As told herself a top model, she is not afraid to grow old. “I’m not torturing myself with thoughts about getting older. Yes, this happens to me, but it happens to all of us. I’m not running every morning to the mirror with the words “my God, my God!”. About my age, more often remind me of strangers. And sometimes the media compare my current pictures with pictures from 10 years ago, taken right after I gave birth, writing: “Oh, she was much more curvaceous and her Breasts were bigger.” Yes, Ah, had larger Breasts because I nursed the baby! What do I do with this? Only to accept.”