На волне скандала Юлия Началова прошла проверку на детекторе лжи
The singer has placed all points over “i” in sensational stories.

Julia Nachalova and Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: @julianachalova Instagram

Last week Dorogomilovsky court ruled on the case of Yulia Nachalova deprivation of the driving license. The singer has announced that to give up in difficult situations, not in her rules, so she just does not “pass.” By law she has the right to appeal, than the artist did. Julia resides in the belief that he can prove his innocence.

The other day in order to restore the victim’s reputation, Julia agreed to participate in the program Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. Nachalova tested on the lie detector, the results of which will be announced on Monday, February 12. This live show the singer will answer the most popular questions, including at home: “Why in fact she refused the medical examination?»

“I and my lawyers cardinally do not agree with the decision of the magistrates court! Driver’s license I no one has denied (I for those who heard the sound but did not know where he is). We filed an appeal in the high court. And go to the end! The truth you learn Monday on the First channel, where I was not afraid and was seriously tested on the lie detector in the program Dmitry Shepelev”, — said Julia. It’s funny, but the program Shepeleva itself in need of “rehabilitation.” In the media and then there are interviews with participants with accusations of deception of viewers and the shoddy police work.