In the Wake of the scandal, Anastasia Volochkova showed idyll with the oligarch

На волне скандала Анастасия Волочкова показала идиллию с олигархом
Ballerina confessed her feelings for billionaire.

Anastasia and Suleiman Kerimov

Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

The name Anastasia Volochkova is often mentioned in the press in connection with different types of scandals. Over the last couple of months, the reputation of the artist was literally trampled into the mud. Now ballerina in court trying to prove that the “drain” her intimate photos was the work of an ex-lover, as charged in the provision of paid sex services is a blatant lie. Volochkova very emotionally react to what is happening, and before she received a new blow: her ex-boyfriend — the oligarch Suleiman Kerimov, was detained abroad. Anastasia admitted that he still has strong feelings for rich ex-boyfriend.

“A lot of love binds us together for three years… it was All secret and hidden… Because happiness loves silence… and it was. And it was so beautiful! I confess sincerely that I have never loved anybody in this life, as Suleiman. And loved still… And I know he loved me… a man who taught me to love! The man who became my ideal! Courage, honor, dignity, joy, the ability to make a woman happy! And how many of those who interfere with our happiness! Because it do not forgive.

Despite the fact that after my exit from these relationships, my life has been a series of many failures and tensions… I can say that I justify Suleiman that he all these counter-conducts, loving me. Not offended. Assuming that these acts are committed not by his hands. Now, when this man was in trouble, I urge anyone who knows of Suleiman, to be on his side! — wrote Volochkova in the microblog. — And look! Tree face…. Let’s help together! Who than can! A better prayer. I can not remain indifferent, because the topic concerns a Man whom I loved and love. If You’re with me — help Suleiman…”