In the US police threaten drunk drivers with is with Justin Bieber

В США полиция угрожает пьяным водителям рекламой с Джастином Бибером

The police Department of the U.S. city of Wyoming in Minnesota, officially declared on his page on Twitter that all drivers who are caught driving drunk, the punishment and psychological attacks will be showing commercials with Justin Bieber, removed to the super bowl for the mobile operator T-Mobile.

“If today you sit behind the wheel drunk, we lose for you is the mobile operator T-Mobile with Justin Bieber from the super bowl all the way to the station,” said police on 6 February.

Promotional video with a dancing Justin Bieber was shown in the beginning of halftime of the NFL championship final. Some find it annoying, and apparently this was the reason given by the police of Wyoming.
I must say that is not the first time law enforcement officers propose to re-violators music videos and celebrities. So, in November last year, the police of Prince Edward Island (Canada) said they would punish drivers, dead drunk behind the wheel, listening to the songs of the group “Nickelback”, and law enforcement in Indian capital new Delhi and all violators are forced to listen to Patriotic music and watch bollywood movies.