In the Urals recreated the tower of “Game of thrones”

На Урале воссоздали башню из «Игры престолов» Employees of the Yekaterinburg cement plant printed on the three-dimensional printer building on the model of the castle Winterfell. About men in cities across the country, and some treated with orders to repeat something similar on another site.

    На Урале воссоздали башню из «Игры престолов»

    “The show shows the powerful sentinel and protective structures. After seeing the first season, I thought to recreate the item, and Starkov castle, hearts of the North, for our protection, says “StarHit” CEO Rinat Brylin. Was force majeure: broke electronics. Rain drops hit the computer and shorted the controller. Waiting for the new. Construction started on 1 September and not particularly in a hurry.

    And here in the New year, workers are waiting for a new home. In the tower of Winterfell will settle two watchmen. The area is small – 30 square meters – but the conditions there will be comfortable. Is already stone oven, fridge, table and chair. Will soon bring monitors for video surveillance. Five Windows of the tower give a broad overview.

    The first experiments were carried out on the dog. Printed on her three-dimensional printer pen. Design cracked and eventually failed. All the nuances we have taken into account. The tower is durable and reliable, not inferior in quality to traditional masonry. And the advantage is – it is cheaper. Of course, the booth for the pet is easier to do manually. But at large building the benefits are obvious. By the way, the frame house area of 150-200 sq. m the usual way will cost 1.5–2 million rubles, and ZD-printer – 900 thousand rubles.

    На Урале воссоздали башню из «Игры престолов»

    Nowadays, you need to be in trend, to keep pace with the times. And we got to the point! About us learned in many cities and outside the country. Builders have caught the idea, and if you have never watched the show, but now the polls are downloaded on the tablets.

    Already received one order for similar work, but we have not yet agreed. Still, the plant produces mixtures, not construction. While I want to say, to get hand – planning to do myself for ZD-printer Desk – also unusual. And after the winter print another known object. But while it’s a mystery, a surprise”.