In the universe of Marvel characters gay

Во вселенной Marvel появятся персонажи нетрадиционной ориентации

Following the news that the heroine of the cartoon “Cold heart” I want to make a lesbian, in mass media there was a new shocking news.
The introduction of the sexual orientation of the characters now happens in the Marvel universe. About it personally was told by the Directors-brothers Joe and Anthony Russo.

Filmmaker who created “the First avenger: the Confrontation”, shared with the press about the future plans of comic book heroes on the big screen and confirmed that indeed some of them will become homosexuals: “We, as creators of the mass movie watching, so the story has been as much a change,” explained Russo. – Diversity makes the picture the most interesting, multifaceted and realistic”.

It is possible that the characters are gay, will appear in a forthcoming Russo – “the Avengers: infinity War”.

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