In the third part of Bridget Jones baby

В третьей части Бриджит Джонс родит ребенка

The creators of the Comedy at all times signalled the continuation of the legendary premiere of “the diary of Bridget Jones”!

In a new tape company the main characters are Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth were Patrick Dempsey.

Trailer for “Bridget Jones 3” (Bridget Jones’s Baby) starts with the wedding of the heroine. She in a white dress and veil on the arm of her father goes to the altar. Then the wonderful moment ends reality: Bridget celebrates birthday in his apartment alone. No, to be depressed she’s not used. Especially in life, by her own admission, she’s great: a favorite work on the televedenie, and on weekends the gym and parties. And then there he was! More precisely, they… Ex-boyfriend’s lawyer Mr. Darcy and the new boyfriend businessman Jack quantum. All anything, but Bridget discovers that she is pregnant. It remains to understand which one of the two men was the father of her child…

About filming the third installment of “Bridget Jones”, we will remind, it became known last summer. At the same time, the network appeared the first promocity with Renee Zellweger. However, some movie fans were disappointed, claiming that the actress after several plastic surgeries does not pull on the lead role. But it seems that all fears were unfounded. In the trailer Renee looks pretty good, young and fresh. And the plot of the new film character has ceased to bind the stress sweet and switched to a healthy lifestyle. So it all fits!

The premiere of “Bridget Jones 3” is scheduled on 15 September 2016.

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