In the theater, Nonna Grishaeva had the Shukshin

В театре Нонны Гришаевой появился свой Шукшин
At the premiere of the stories of Soviet classics in the Moscow regional youth Theatre was visited by many stars.

В театре Нонны Гришаевой появился свой Шукшин

Valery Yaremenko, Nonna Grishaeva, Vadim Kolganov and Elena Valyushkina

Photo: press service of the theater

To congratulate the artistic Director of the Moscow regional
Spectators nonnu Grishaeva with another premiere came her old friends: Valery Yaremenko, Elena Valyushkina and Vadim Kolganov. Famous guests noted that
have seen many productions of Shukshin’s stories, but this eclipsed everything.
Kolganov and Yaremenko even admitted that after seeing “shit” thought, and not
go to them in regional theatre for a permanent job.

“I loved the show and he MOGTYUZ that if I don’t
he worked in the theater Mossovet, I would really wanted to see the troupe of the theater! —
says Valery Yaremenko. — I admit, I am jealous of Nona and her
the troupe. This is a terrific ensemble, the feeling that they were all born together
in the same year, created such an amazing atmosphere. I want to cry and not
the fear of these tears. These artists can
a lot to learn.”

The author of idea and Director of performance Alexey Doronin
chose seven stories Shukshin, “Petya says Krasnov”, “Strong man”,
“Eternally dissatisfied Yakovlev”, “Ticket to the second session”, “I Believe!”, “Stepan”,
“Living people”, put them in a single story, penned by forces of actors
the play, which entered the author — Vasily Shukshin. It takes the role of Valery Kukushkin.

В театре Нонны Гришаевой появился свой Шукшин

Vadim Kolganov with his friend, actor Alexey Ryzhkov — a participant of the show “Shukshin”

Photo: press service of the theater

Action production takes place in the 60-ies, during the period when
Shukshin was about 35 years old and he has just released his first film “Lives
kind of guy.” Basil comes to his village to rest and falls into
a dramatic situation, where he sees all the difficulties and problems of rural life…
the play is also busy Arshad, Arthur Kazberov, Lilia Dobrovolskaya,
Ilya Ilyin, Dmitry Chukin, Valeriy Krupenin, Eleanor mills, and others.

After the performance there was a gala Banquet and informal
communication, during which the public admitted that they always knew how talented
the actors led her to theatre, but after this performance, she realized that their
talent is not only organic, but also endless!

The participants of the performance “Shukshin”

Photo: press service of the theater

“Every artist in “Shukshin” – brilliant! Today at the premiere
I experienced real happiness! Always knew that the artists had a brilliant and
every interview talking about it. But they are so brilliant, I don’t
imagined! The idea of creation of the performance “Shukshin” the idea of my artists.
I completely trusted and I was right! The production gives the viewer the opportunity
and laugh, and cry, and think about important things, about life, about God,”
says Grishaeva.

Vadim Kolganov made a toast to family and love: “I
rarely heard from artistic Directors so they can tell how
Nonna: “I Have the most brilliant actors! They’re my family!” Take care of her, like, wear on the hands and
your theatre family will be are still children! After all, the play is
child. And it should not only give birth, but also to grow! By The Way, “Shukshin”
reminded me of my childhood, after all, about in this village, only in Ulyanovsk
region, and I was born”.