В «Отряде самоубийц» не показали обнаженного Джареда Лето

The creators of “suicide Squad”, according to critics, failed to remove competitive movie, however, the earnings of this blockbuster are the envy of the movies with a deeper plot and acting at a higher level.

Despite the fact that many fans of the comic book stories are satisfied with the received product, there were those who believed that this adaptation does not deserve any attention and does not hold water.

According to producers, the reason for the failure of the movie was the rating that he received shortly before the premiere.

Permission to watch “suicide Squad” for children starting from the age of 13, played a trick on him, but because he is not interested in spectators.

In an interview with E! News Jared Leto admitted that “suicide Squad” is really lost many interesting scenes that did not meet “children’s” rated PG-13. In particular, in one scene his character, the Joker, appeared completely naked. However, the details of the scene Jared refused to disclose.

By the way, before Summer, have complained that the film does not show many interesting scenes with the Joker, which would be enough to spin-off. Note that some of the spectators even wanted to sue Warner Bros. due to the fact that many of the scenes were shown in trailers, the film was not.

However, netizens think that if there really is something worthwhile and noteworthy, it is unlikely it would be excluded from the final version of the film.

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