In the step of the divorce, Jolie got sole custody of the children

В шаге от развода: Джоли получила единоличную опеку над детьми

To put the point in the relationship the spouses have to find a compromise on the basis of two points.

No matter how fans pair hoping that they were joking or intimidated by the breakup, just wanted to increase his popularity, it seems that the Union of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt in truth the end. It became known that the pair started the negotiations on the settlement of the divorce process.

All the time that has passed since the announcement of the actress of divorce, the spouses do not see. Met brad and the kids. They had now entered the stage of negotiations.

The first is the most important two points, the pair have already discussed, according to sources close to the family, the couple’s children remain with Angelina, pitt may just visit, and of course all the papers will still be considered their father.

The contents of the offspring of the Jolie takes on, but so far brad has her financial support. This leaves open the question of alimony from pitt, namely the exact amount and division of property.

Foreign media believe that the time she insists on sole custody of the children, then the reason for the divorce still lies in the fact that Jolie was unhappy with them as a father, and the rumors of pitt’s conflict with their eldest son 15-year-old Maddox is not so groundless.

Recall that brad is suspected of cruel treatment of children, alleged he, in the heat fuse has laid a hand on Maddox. About how the actor had relations with 12-year-old Paxon, 11-year-old Zaharau, 10-year-old Siolo and twins Knox and Vivienne, history is silent.

If you believe the friends of the pitt, because of what happened to a celebrity is in a deep depression, but still does not lose the hope for family reunification.