In the show “the Voice.The kids” won “the double” by Sergei Bezrukov

В шоу «Голос.Дети» победил «двойник» Сергея Безрукова
Rutger, Garecht took first place in the fifth season of the project.

В шоу «Голос.Дети» победил «двойник» Сергея Безрукова

Photo: the First channel

That Advisor is Garecht, 12-year-old boy from Orenburg, “go far”, it was clear from the beginning. At the stage of “blind auditions,” he smote all the spectators, mentors, presenters and even Sergei Sergeyevich Zhilin, who directs the orchestra on the project, their singing, dancing and charisma.

Rutger played the song “I gait”. Later said Pelagia, the boy made his speech a show. He found in song and drama, and Comedy, and brilliantly played all the action.

Music Rutger is engaged since the childhood. His two older sisters play the violin, so he according to his mother “had no choice”. In addition to the school of music young artist with five years taking singing lessons and dancing in the style of “modern”. And in the list of his Hobbies included gymnastics (he’d already passed the second Junior level). On stage he acts with the early childhood, therefore, is not afraid of her and considers the stage his second home.

“I have a feeling that we’re back to many years ago before us and Bezrukov! — said the master. — Even thought that now there will be another incarnation of the master…”

Photo: the First channel

All those present at the speech of the boy agreed that it is really a lot from Sergei Bezrukov. This talent and expression, and artistry.

The entire project Garet calmly stepped from one stage to the other side and got into the final. In the final speech, the boy sang the song of Oleg Gazmanov “Officers”. After the last chord the audience burst into applause. In that moment, perhaps no one left the slightest doubt in his victory.

Rutger does not exclude the possibility that in the future it will be an actor or an artist of wide profile who know how to play instruments, sing, and perform tricks, and play on stage. The fact that he still can not choose what he likes more — to sing, dance or play.

Garecht received from the First channel of one million rubles and a statuette of the winner.