In the sequel to “Dr. Strange” announced a new supervillain

В сиквеле «Доктора Стрэнджа» анонсирован новый суперзлодей

The film adaptation of the Marvel comic “Doctor strange” with great success launched in the world hire. Picture, where the main role is played by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, already appreciated by millions of viewers around the world. Like most comic book adaptations, “Doctor strange” will be continued.

The idea of a sequel is already being developed, and the Creator of the first film Director Scott Derrickson says that then everything will just more interesting. For example, the second part will be a new super – demon named Nightmare.

Nightmare first appeared in the comic Strange Tales(1963). This creature is capable of running his own world where he tortures his victims in their nightmares.

“I like this character and concept, where a nightmare world is a separate dimension, said Derrickson. — I hope that we will have to develop this idea, because it’s a very cool concept”.

Start date of filming has not yet been appointed.

Note that again to see Dr. Strange, you can in the new “the Avengers”, the premiere of which is scheduled for 2018.