In the rules of “Eurovision” made changes for Samoilova

В регламент «Евровидения» внесли изменения из-за Самойловой The situation with the artist from Russia has forced the EBU to reconsider some of the provisions. Participating countries will need to check whether candidates who enter the territory of the state where the competition is held.

This year Ukraine, on whose territory there was a song contest “Eurovision”, was denied entry to the party of Russia Yulia Samoilova. According to local authorities, she was not allowed to cross the border of the country. The situation with the actress caused a lot of noise, so the European broadcasting Union decided to revise some provisions.

As reported by German TV channel, the organization amended the rules of “Eurovision”. One of them obliges participating countries to check whether their contestants enter the territory of the organizer. Under the new rules, the national television company needs to be sure that “none of the candidates or members of delegations does not give the country-the hostess of the occasion based on their own legislation to deny entry”. Besides, the artists themselves “should take all necessary steps in order not to politicize the contest.”

Recall that prohibiting entry Samoilova to Ukraine it became known shortly before the competition. According to the SBU, the artist shouldn’t be performing in 2015 in the Crimea, where he already became part of Russia. Despite all the efforts by the European broadcasting Union, the girl never managed to get to Kiev. Julia Samoylova is boycotting Eurovision

“I deeply regret that “Eurovision” is used for political purposes. It has delighted millions of people and unite them, not to use in order to ignite political scandals and send them against each other”, – commented on the situation, the EBU Director Ingrid Deltenre.

This year’s winner of the contest was a participant from Portugal Salvador Collected. A young man with a heart defect impressed the jury and audiences around the world with their vocals. He sang the song Amar Pelos Dois (“Love enough for two”). Sobral was allowed to come to the opening of the “Eurovision” and don’t attend rehearsals due to health. The media wrote that he needed complicated surgery. During the event, the organizers allowed the singer to perform on a small stage, so that the user does not tire yourself before you get to the main.