В новой пародии на Ольгу Бузову Марина Федункив высмеяла ее книгу

42-year-old star Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv, better known to many as the mother of nick in the TV series “Real boys” not long ago found a new expression of his comedic talent.

Marina picked up the youth for a common Network, and also began to shoot short videos, which makes fun of celebrities. the greatest attention is attracted Fedunkiw star telestroke “Dom-2” Olga Buzova. In General, it is a parody of Buzova and praised actress in the Network.

Today, Marina has presented a new series of his “instustrial” “Lessons celebrities” and released a new video “based microblog Buzova”.

“Instustrial #Musawa or #Erotically. Series 4, which Musawa finally bought the book for my Muse and idol,” he signed the movie Marina.

She Fedunkiw emphasizes that their parody clips she didn’t want to offend someone or hurt someone’s feelings. However, no claims yet she was not charged.

We present to your attention a new series of instustrial and previous, for those who do not know, how it all began.