In the new film by Sylvester Stallone Adam Driver will lose arms and legs

В новом фильме Сильвестра Сталлоне Адам Драйвер лишится рук и ног

70-year-old sly again takes on the case! Sylvester Stallone is preparing to implement a new project, which he called “extremely persistent”/ “Tough as They Come”.

The film will be told about the senior Sergeant of the us army Mills, which almost became another victim of the war in Afghanistan because of the action next to it an explosive device. But the trials of life for end mills. They amputate all the limbs. Despite the gravity of the situation, mills finds the strength to move on. He proves that he can still enjoy life and enjoy it in the circle of his family.

An important role in the film will be given to the interaction of the soldier to his father. Mills Jr. will play Adam Driver and his father will be very Stallone. He will stand at the helm of creating the painting.

Recall that in mid-December it became known that the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump wants to make Stallone the head of the National endowment for the arts. But Sylvester was forced to decline the offer. The actor and Director said that now he wants to throw all their strength to attract attention of society to problems of the military returning from the hot spots of the planet. The new film will cope with this task.