In the Network there was a scandal between Posner and Cord

В Сети разгорелся скандал между Познером и Шнуром
Famous journalist called scandalous rocker “empty and boring”.

Sergey Shnurov

Photo: a frame from the program “Posner” with the participation of Sergey Shnurov

A year later
after the interview of Vladimir Pozner Sergei Shnurov, which was held in
the framework of its author’s program “Pozner”, the famous TV journalist in unflattering
way answered about the guest of your broadcast. The interviewer, known all over the world, in conversation
with the leading Latvian radio Baltkom admitted that the conversation with the leader of group “Leningrad”
was a failure. To blame a musician himself, says Posner.

said that it is necessary to interview Sergei Shnurov, as it is
at the peak of popularity and all that, — told the TV presenter. Well,
came to me Cord. And it was no, I was just amazed by it. He has nothing
had to say, he didn’t answer questions, it was empty, uninteresting.
I didn’t know what he is. I’m not saying that he is stupid. But he
failed this interview!”

Shortly before
this in an interview to the same radio Cord admitted that in crossfire it
felt not at ease. “I was so bored. It was clear that
there is a definite point of view about me, “Leningrad” and
what we’re doing. And to dissuade people I don’t like, I wasn’t very interested, —
said Sergei. — I was then employee of the First channel and I had
to go there, although I’ve never wanted to go on the program
to Posner. I have no reverence for this man, it’s not as if
I went to confession to the Lord God.”

Sergei Shnurov for Posner a secret was not.

“Yes, I know,
he then complained that Posner was bored, like he’s 80 years old,
but what else could he say. But, really, how could he take me
for the air — mate? No. He failed this interview. I do
learned nothing, — says Vladimir Vladimirovich. The cord was somehow
helpless. He breaks lit nervously, despite the fact that
in the Studio you cannot smoke. I told him about it but he did
couldn’t help myself,” added Posner.