In the Network leaked information about the secret wedding of Sandra bullock

В Сеть просочилась информация о тайной свадьбе Сандры Буллок
The Hollywood actress has set a date for the wedding.

Sandra bullock and her boyfriend Brian Randall

In life
Sandra bullock and her boyfriend Brian Randall big changes are coming. As
reports overseas, the Internet portal,
the actress is preparing for a secret wedding, to be held on the day of her
birth — 26 Jul 2016. According to foreign media reports, now bullock vengeance
busy planning an important event and looks forward to
the onset of the wedding day.

“Sandra is confident that he
will be a great father to her adopted children. She is in love and wants to spend her
life with such a man!” — shared by one of Sandra’s friends. However, in the Network
already appeared information about the fact that relatives of the actress against such a hasty
step by bullock, because she is familiar with Randall just a little over a year.

Roman, Sandra and Brian
started in January 2015. They met when the actress invited him
to take a series of photos of her adorable adopted son Louis to its fifth day
birth. Since then, the couple almost does not leave. But some time ago, Randall moved to the bullock mansion in Beverly hills. The actress is not afraid
trust your choice of two adopted children — Louis and Lyla. Brian is very
kind to the kids and tries to help Sandra.

However, in
The network reports that the lawyer of the actress insists the wedding she needed to have time to draw up and sign a marriage contract. Because Randall is not rich, and in the absence of contract, he is, in the case of divorce, will be able to claim half of her fortune. Thanks to the presence of Sandra in such agreements, she managed to save his money after the divorce from the previous husband Jesse James, who, as it turned out, repeatedly cheated on the actress.

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