In the Network appeared the trailer for the movie “yoga”

В Сети появился трейлер фильма «Любители йоги»

Finally, we will soon be able to evaluate acting debut daughter of a famous actor and actress johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Lily-rose Depp. This is the first major project of the daughter of celebrities, and in it she appears alongside his father. Also the film will feature Harley Quinn Smith, Natasha Lyon , and others.

В Сети появился трейлер фильма «Любители йоги»

Comedy horror film “yoga” is one of the three parts of the trilogy, “Canadian trilogy” by Kevin Smith. The first part called “Tusk” came out in 2014, and the last final part will be released on screen in 2018. Incidentally, in each of them there is Lily-rose Depp.

In the film, two fifteen-year-old girls Colleen McKenzie (played by Harley Quinn Smith) and Colleen Collette (Lily-rose Depp) working in the shop, and addicted to yoga. Girls want to escape from the hated work to the party to pretty high school students, but them trying to stop evil forces. To defeat them teenagers will have to join forces with the demon hunter, played by johnny Depp. The premiere will take place in January 2017.


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