In the network appeared the information about the wedding of Sati Kazanova

В Сети появилась информация о свадьбе Сати Казановой
The singer is officially married to Italian photographer.

Photo: Instagram

Apparently, October 2, Sati Kazanova relatives gathered in one of Moscow restaurants not only about their 35th birthday, but in honor of their wedding. According to Sati and her fiancé Stefano Tiozzo officially registered their marriage in the registry office of the Savelovskiy Moscow.

Sati and Stefano have not yet shared with the fans of this joyful event, but it all adds up: the lovers filed August 2, 2017. According to the law of the Russian Federation standard just two months passed between the submission of the application to the registry office and marriage registration. Faster to undersign only for a good reason: pregnancy or a long business trip one of the future spouses.

Elegant Banquet on the occasion of the marriage of Sati and Stefano October 12, and it will take place in Italy. Casanova family only at the ceremony will meet with the parents, Tiozzo.

Sati and Stefano met for the first time in the company of friends in common, but liked each other immediately, but only with the second “attempt”. For a long time the young people talked online and fell in love with each other also on the Internet. Both feared that a personal meeting after the Declaration of love charm each other will disappear, but no.

Sati admitted to journalists that he never imagined could love and, especially, to marry a foreigner. But when it happened to her, everything else — language, faith, different mentality — no longer have value. Casanova — Muslim, Stefano — Catholic. They decided to dispense with Church marriage, to do only a civil ceremony that neither of them had to change faith. But the couple plans to live in Russia.