In the Network appeared the first picture of Anna Sedokova with 25-year-old fiancé

В Сети появился первый снимок Анны Седоковой с 25-летним женихом
Fans discuss the appearance of the father of the third child of the singer.

Anna Sedokova and Artem Komarov

Photo: Social Networks

Recently, the Network got the first photos of Anna Sedokova and her fiancé Artem Komarov. The picture shows the 25-year-old businessman was captured in a tender embrace singer. The picture was published by the artist Andrei Kovalev, which, in his own words, and introduced exactly a year ago Anna with her future husband. “It’s nice that Ann and Tom together and happy… With my light hand! A year ago I introduced them at the Awards Ru.TV! And grows a little Hector! And a wedding soon! A long and happy life! Kiss!” — he wrote.

Elect Anne is a senior position in a construction company. It is known that Komarov already has one child from a previous civil marriage.

Curiously, she Sedokova carefully concealed the identity of the father of their third child, Hector. The fact that Anna has a bitter experience of relations to the public, which it more is not going to repeat.

“I’ve shown before, but today it seems to me that it is wrong. Of course, I want to shout about love to tell stories, but I guess it’s time to just shut up!” — she said recently.