In the network appeared the first photos of the second adopted son Kristin Davis

В сети появились первые фото второго усыновленного сына Кристин Дэвис

53-year-old star of TV series “Sex and the city” Kristin Davis has adopted a second child in may, but to show the baby to the public, the actress was in no hurry. However, the paparazzi were able to capture Christine at the airport in Los Angeles with a child and nanny.

About adoption actress second child became known thanks to journalist Mark Malkin. “The family of Kristin Davis has more. I have an exclusive message stating that the star of “Sex in the city” adopted a boy. Davis first became a mother in 2011 when she adopted a girl named Gemma rose. “It was something I really wanted. The fulfillment of this desire is even more wonderful than I ever imagined. I feel very happy,” she said in an old interview. Now she is doubly happy! Congratulations!” — he wrote.

The process of adoption for the actress not the most pleasant. “When you first take the child, you are told that you have to treat him like you’re his babysitter, because a mother can change her mind and pick it up. In all States, things are different. But in California it is 48 hours. Are you trying to think you’re just a babysitter, but it is impossible,” she said.

Christine decided to concentrate on children while her colleagues are involved in the scandal. It all started with the refusal of cattrall to star in the third part of the film “Sex and the city,” that is not very pleased of her colleagues, who, by the way, is younger than Kim. Parker is accused of cattrall that the picture will not be released and even there was news that the actress, who played Samantha, looking for a replacement. Parker said that because of too high demands her colleagues have been cancelled shooting of the third part. That, in turn, denied the allegations and said he just doesn’t want to do, and the relationship with the team she’s not the best.

Despite the fact that cattrall decided to reveal the whole story of the shooting, describing negative relations between actors, the role of Carrie Bradshaw in a recent interview declared that no conflict was not.