В Сети появилось первое фото ребенка Марюса Вайсберга и Натальи Бардо Well-known Director and actress took adorable son get-togethers with friends. Enchanting the heir of Marius Weisberg and Natalia Bardo looks similar to her famous mother. Prior to that a couple liked to hide the heir from the public.
В Сети появилось первое фото ребенка Марюса Вайсберга и Натальи Бардо

Last year Marius Weisberg and his fiancee, actress Natalia Bardot, are the parents of adorable Eric, who was named after the father of the famous Director. The godfather of the baby was the actor Pavel Derevyanko. Until recently, celebrities prefer not to talk about charming son, wanting to protect him from the scrutiny of the public. However, in August, Marius and Natalia gave an interview about family and heir, and soon decided to show it.

The photo that appeared in the microblog Alexei Chadova, captured parents surrounded by children. So, the actor poses with his son Theodore, with him sitting and TV presenter Maria Kravtsova with a daughter who was born last year. Friends celebrities look relaxed and very happy.

Social media users were delighted with the picture in Instagram Chadova. “Cool, when so many friends! Well done”, “What a warm photo. All smiles, super. Live shots are always the best”, “Class”, “Love and happiness,” they discussed.

Earlier during the meeting with correspondents Natalie said her son is a real “angel”. The actress believes that the nature of the child like the father. Eric is constantly laughing and smiling. The pair took the time to show the baby, in order not to provoke negative comments from detractors.

To raise a lovely child helps the mother by Natalia Bardo. Now, when Eric was a little older, Natalie and Marius were more likely to take it with you so that the baby could communicate with other people. Celebrities always try to give the child all free time and call it a major common project. According to Weisberg, Bardot they are not specifically planned the appearance of the heir, it just happened.

Recall that the August 17 premiere of the new movie by Marius Weisberg “Grandma easy virtue” with Alexander Revva, Gluk’oza and Philip Kirkorov. Despite a mixed reaction from film critics, the film has set a record. Comedy has managed to collect more than 264,5 million rubles, and become the only Russian picture recoup in a summer rental. By the way, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky explained the failure of domestic projects weak promotion. Apparently, “Grandma easy virtue” with this no problems. So, Alexander Revva has announced its release in an episode of the hugely popular YouTube “friend of the Show”.