In the Network appeared photo DJ Smash after beating in Perm

В Сети появились фото DJ Smash после избиения в Перми Presumably, the artist suffered because of the failure to make a selfie. It is reported that in one of night clubs of Perm DJ Smash attacked the master of sports on fighting Alexander Telepnev.
В Сети появились фото DJ Smash после избиения в Перми

On Monday morning, several media outlets wrote that a popular artist DJ Smash was beaten during a party at a nightclub in Perm. Rumor has it that he was attacked by the master of sports on fighting Alexander Telepnev. The source, who requested anonymity, told reporters that the conflict started when a friend of the athlete asked the DJ about sharing a photo, but was refused. According to some, the party to the conflict was drunk. He allegedly dragged the musician from the bar, but fell. Then Telepnev allegedly punched DJ Smash in the head and knocked him down.

In the network appeared the pictures, which show bruises musician. According to the victim, in a medical facility he took a beating.

“Can not speak. The jaw is folded. Will check now, what with the brain because the kick was strong. In the jaw has already put the plate” – said DJ Smash in the video, leafless social network.
В Сети появились фото DJ Smash после избиения в Перми

TIMOTHY, who has previously worked with DJ Smash, very aggressively reacted to the situation and is sharply expressed in the address telepneva. “You’re the professional! And they destroyed the guy who doesn’t what to fight can not, and heavier DJ bags in hands did not hold, and even finished off two feet… I wish I was there that night. But nothing: the world is round, everything comes back, the next you can be in a difficult situation,” wrote the rapper on Instagram, claiming to bring this to the attention of law enforcement officers of the Perm edge and the Governor of the region.

Alexander himself denied that he had raised a hand to DJ Smash. He called the information spread by the journalists, not true.

“Recently I visited the club “House of culture”, the club met a famous DJ Smash, very good attitude to him and his work, took a few selfies today learned that about me appeared in the media damaging information, all lies!”- such a position, the athlete left on the page in a social network.

By the way, Alexander Telepnev is a former member of the legislative Assembly of the Perm region. He represented the faction “United Russia”. His comrades do not believe that the athlete could do. In the comments to the post people support telepneva.