In the Network appeared a rare shot of Janna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev

В Сети появился редкий снимок Жанны Фриске и Дмитрия Шепелева In the network appeared the archival photo of a pair made for a friend’s birthday singer – stylist and presenter Vlad Lisovets. The man remembered the past and wrote that life goes on. Subscribers Lisovets were touched by his publication history, where Vlad shared on social networks.

      Recently in the Internet appeared the archival photo of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev. She shared her stylist, designer and presenter Vlad Lisovets, a close friend of deceased stars. The who published the man in your Instagram, was taken at his birthday party.

      “Look what I found. It’s my birthday five years ago, I immediately 39. Januska directly from the plane, she returned from filming “Holiday in Mexico” to the holiday. Had fun as children and even cried from happiness when I decided to tell my close friends that they for me saints. Many then said it was some kind of magic,” said Vlad Lisovets, putting a hashtag “and life goes on.”

      A photograph taken at the gala, represented not only a famous singer and her civil spouse, but also the birthday boy, as well as architect and designer Alina Cherkasova. Guests Lisovets look very happy and relaxed. Stylist hugs Shepeleva, raised a glass to the health of man.

      Subscribers Lisovets appreciated archive the found a stylist. “Beautiful moment recorded,” “it’s Great that memories without sorrow”, “Vlad, you are a true friend”, “You are so happy here,” “Like recently it was”, “Pleasant memories. It is a pity that now everything is not going to”, “Very warm and sincere the”, “the weeks, months, years, and the memory of loved ones who were with you in sorrow and joy, remain always in our hearts. You need to live for them, because they are above watching us and protecting us,” wrote the followers of Vlad.

      Recall that on 22 November will be the third charity event of the project “Zhanna Friske I’m here”, where various artists will perform famous songs of the singer. Among the participants of the show stated such musicians as Alexander show of group “Nepara”, Evgeniy Ponomarev, “140 blows in a minute,” Anastasia Godunov, Petr Elfimov, Svetlana Roerich and many others. The proceeds from the concert and auction will go to charity.

      In addition, in late November, the sale will be the book Dmitry Shepelev, dedicated to the singer. In her civil husband Zhanna Friske will talk about how the star had struggled with cancer. Will also be available electronic version. Recently, the Network appeared excerpts from the works Shepeleva. In one of them, Dmitry tells us that he felt when Jeanne prayed for the whole country. “Our request turned into a giant wave of love and support. Unprecedented… Jeanne supported passionately! Sincerely and from the heart. It was like magic. Unimaginable. Thank you!” – wrote man. Dmitry Shepelev accused the family of Jeanne Friske in the pursuit of fame