In the network again got intimate photos of the Queen, and Tarzan

В сеть вновь попали интимные фото Королевой и Тарзана

This time the artists have posted them yourself!..

Less than a week as the broadcast of one of the local talk shows Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko for the first time commented on the scandal with their hot pictures and videos leaked to the Internet, as the network once again walk candid shots from the life of the star couple (read more here).

However, this time there were no mobile stolen and blackmail. Sergei and Natalya themselves had shared racy photos.

The Queen posted on the page of the baths, where she and her husband depicted in the towel on the naked body.

“Our traditional “Apricot jam” (family holiday pair. — Approx. Woman’s Day) with Sergei turned out this year bath! Congratulations us!” – signed the singer.

Fans immediately doubted whether to spread these images to the public, but the singer has made it clear that there is nothing shameful in the photo does not see. Say, who do not walk in bath?

“Periodically arrange bathing days are too involved in doing it every week does not work, and I would like,” says the Queen. — I think, no wonder in Russia for centuries bath is so popular. It’s so useful: open the pores, from the body out toxins and other stuff, he quenched”.

About why this restaurant is dubbed “afternoon apricot jam”, we said Sergei Glushko.

“I didn’t care for Natasha,” says Tarzan. We met and immediately moved in together. And for so many years, we celebrate the day of apricot jam. What’s the jam? This is due to our first date. Natalia came to my apartment, which I rented to a friend. And from the treats I had only the Bank’s apricot jam. Itself stood proudly in the fridge. She brought a gift of a bottle of expensive whiskey. I brought the cups to drink for the meeting. Yes, that whiskey was a fake. Water ordinary iodine diluted. Here is the first date turned out. One with jam, the other with counterfeit alcohol.”

By the way, Glushko also shared with subscribers of intimate image. In it, he poses fully naked and the camera captures the upper body almost to the groin area. I think that trick again? But, no! That’s just such a straightforward way, and Sergey decided to motivate his fans to go to the gym. Still, the holiday season is around the corner!

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