В театре Моссовета прокомментировали увольнение Александра Домогарова
What does the unfolding scandal, Yuliya Vysotskaya?

Alexander Domogarov

Before a scandal erupted over the publication of Alexander Domogarova in social networks, where he announced his dismissal from the theater Mossovet. The actor wrote that he was literally “survived” colleagues. “Removed from the performances! So observe! Feel calmer than enter and greet “colleagues” who spit in the back! — written by the artist. — Will not allow more on some desires to lay off and assign, withdraw and return, to give to tour or not to give. …But as I was removed from all of the performances, to the delight of my “colleagues”, was written in the statement. Written 9 Jan. It is not yet signed. But, dear colleagues, it is signed, even purely legal”. But later his confession, the actor was removed from the Network.

When Alexander was contacted by journalists, he was determined not so categorical. He hinted that, they say, should not believe everything that is written in social networks. And today the story of the dismissal of Domogarova was commented by the representatives of the theater Mossovet. According to their official statement, they will continue the collaboration with the actor, and its publication has been linked to mood swings Domogarova.

“He’s ahead of the tour, one, second, he’s an actor of our theater. Well, there are mood in humans. No it is not removed. In may, he goes on tour alone, in June, he travels to Israel with “the Cherry orchard”, — said the radio station “Moscow Says”.

By the way, to a temporary break in employment of Alexander, as it turned out, is Julia Vysotskaya. Due to the fact that the actress will soon be working on the show in Saint-Petersburg, Domogarov was left without a job.