«Утром встал с постели и упал»: у Кости Цзю оторвался тромб
The athlete underwent emergency heart surgery.

Kostya Tszyu after surgery

Photo: the frame of the program “Live healthy!”

Kostya Tszyu appeared in the Studio of the program “Live healthy!”, where told that it had recently suffered a heart attack. The athlete had an operation on the vessels of the heart. Fortunately, the doctors of the time found in the coronary artery outstanding boxer cut off the blood clot. The best experts Kostya sent Elena Malysheva, which he had himself made contact.

Kostya said that some time ago he made a break in training. After resting from the sport, he returned to the old regime. According to Tszyu, to return to its previous form it was hard: even after one series of exercises, he felt bad. The athlete could not understand what was happening to him. One morning, getting out of bed, Kostya fainted. After that, he contacted Malysheva and asked for her help. Elena gave him a phone number of a leading cardiologist, and the next day he had surgery.

“Thank God that I got through then up to Helena and I was sent to a very good man. The next day after my call I had him in the hospital, — said Kostya. — When I was doing some exercise after 15-20 times I’ve had a strange feeling. I didn’t understand what it is. And then in the morning went to the toilet and fell… it Turned out that I had high cholesterol (cause of thrombus formation — approx. ed.). Their children, I already checked. They are all normal!”

Recall that, in 2016, the Tszyu was born the fifth child. The second wife of boxer Tatyana Averina blessed his daughter Victoria. Two years before that Tszyu had a son, Alexander. From the first marriage he left three almost adult children.