In the media surfaced unexpected revelations of Princess Diana

В СМИ всплыли неожиданные откровения принцессы Дианы Well-known writer announced the recognition of the ex-wife of the heir to the British throne. During the life of Diana Spencer asked them not to publish. At the disposal of journalists turned out to be transcripts of conversations lady Di and Andrew Morton, in which famous blonde are talking about their fears and hopes.

Twenty years ago, writer Andrew Morton published a book dedicated to Princess Diana. Work, forced to look at the first wife of Charles of Wales on the other hand, in a short time became a bestseller around the world. Years later, after the resounding triumph of the life history of Diana Spencer figure of literature decided to publish archival audio recordings that she was forbidden to publish. At the disposal of journalists turned out to be transcripts of conversations of Morton with Her Highness.

Prince Charles with a shudder recalls the years of “tragic” marriage with Diana

Previously unpublished revelations of Diana again provoked heated debate on the Network. Morton intends to re-release his book, including recognition of famous blondes about family life. So, Spencer tried to attract the attention of a spouse, which is otherwise ignored in the second half. Sometimes it came to the point that Diana had cut himself with a pocket knife, but Charles allegedly was adamant. Once a woman even risked the life of his unborn child, trying to cause chosen to have a Frank conversation.

“When I was in the fourth month of pregnancy, I rushed down the stairs, trying to attract the husband’s attention, so he listened to me,” said Diana.

However, Prince Charles did not listen to the entreaties of his wife. According to her, the heir to the British crown just turned around and left. Such situation, according to the confessions of Diana, was repeated regularly. “It was a desperate cry for help,” stated one. The Princess had difficulty adjusting to her new duties, but nobody came to help. People thought that Diana needs time, and she could handle herself.

In addition, the wife of the Prince of Wales was suffering from an eating disorder. Diana was bulimic, for which she could dramatically lose weight. Charles and his mother blamed all the problems on the disease of women.

“We walked for four hours, we had no food, and apparently, I haven’t eaten in a few days. When I say this, I mean that the food remains in the stomach. While walking I felt awful, but was afraid to tell about it. At some point I put my hand on the shoulder of her husband and said, “Dear, I think I’m going to fall” – and slid down it. Then the Royal assistants took me into a room… Charles continued to work at the exhibition. He left me alone, I went back to the hotel and cried his eyes out,” said the Princess.

When Diana was interviewed by a famous writer in 1991, she was tormented by loneliness. She admitted that he suffered from the lack of proper attention on the part of Charles, had feelings for Camilla Parker-Bowles. The Ghost of a rival, poisoned the life of the Princess.